Italian traditions

NOTEMPO originates from a deep link to the arts and to the architectures that over the centuries have shaped the Italian territory, and from a careful look at that world of artisans and craftsmen who, with exceptional skills, have managed to build handworks and objects “out of time”.
After about a decade of studies and travels conducted in the “Belpaese”, this path takes the form of a brand of furnishing accessories and high-quality objects, the result of a collaboration between designers and artisans of our territory. Our products are an expression of a reinterpretation of local traditions as well as of the enhancement of Italian and Sicilian beauties, an assortment of unique and recognizable elements, created to meet the needs of those who are attentive to detail and love craft design.


Life in detail

NOTEMPO focuses on the production of objects of excellence that enhance the qualities expressed by Italian craftsmanship and enhance our artistic and cultural wealth, with a slight focus on Sicily, the region where the founders of the brand were born and grew up. A combination of knowledge, design and passion, but also use of noble materials, today’s technologies and expert hands of artisans and artists who provide their breadth of experience and their love for art. Each object holds a CRAFTSMAN’S HEARTH, recognizable in the attention to detail and in the ties with the territory, characteristics that make them high-quality products.


NOTEMPO’s identity and mission is to enhance and reinterpret culture and tradition. Starting from some aspects, a well-defined working method has been developed, which distinguishes every single product:


NOTEMPO is the result of a collective commitment that weaves together technical and artistic skills with an apparatus of artisan resources that strongly believes in the potential of its territory.
These professional figures loves their job and express it through their passion, cultivated for decades or even generations.


NOTEMPO wants to enhance the richness of a trade, the elegance of a workmanship and the skill of a craftsman. Combining traditional technique and technological process, each product, from design to production, tends to enhance the beauty of craftsmanship and of manual workmanship. For this reason, small imperfections become an added value.

Made in italy

Notempo, strongly aware of being part of a nation with a high artistic and cultural value, carries out all the manufacturing activities within the Italian territory.
The aim is to highlight the peculiarities of the Made in Italy as products of excellence to export and make known to future generations, in the firm belief that the beauty of a territory lies in its ability to produce quality.


Elaborating unique products for design, materials and production through workmanship with a high level of craftsmanship is a fundamental feature of Notempo. This process enhances the value of each piece and justifies the small imperfections inherent in craft production. Some of our products are also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees the craftsmanship value, and by a label that ensures the authorship.


A widespread business model

Notempo has been conceived by three architects, Marco Bracchitta, Sebastiano Leotta, Gandolfo Marabeti, who, after sharing the years of academic training between Palermo and Turin and having developed separate professional paths in Italy and abroad, decided to found a brand linked to a contemporary model of widespread enterprise and with a “craftsman’s heart”.
Their enthusiasm for the world of artistic culture began as teenagers, thanks to the presence of family members and friends involved in manufacturing activities, which contributed significantly to the birth of their passions.
Starting from these interests, they have developed a common goal: to spread their ideas about design through the creation of products that arise from a glance at the past and that want to be recognizable over time.


The customer is energy

Thanks to professionalism, resourcefulness, seriousness and ability to dialogue, Notempo offers design and customization services. The requests of the client become energy and stimulus to find new solutions, even custom-made. Many of the products have been made to be customizable in size, colours and materials. Notempo also deals with building the living space that best represents the customer through interior design projects and a retail design of furnishings, components and coverings.
Every request becomes a source for new ideas and for developing new spaces for everyday living.