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Like the notes of a score compound a good piece of music, so does COMBO by pulling together different materials and creating an elegant and harmonious bathroom furniture.
The thick and finely crafted washbasin, which overlaps the steel of the structure, has been obtained from a single lava stone block of the volcano Etna (Sicily).
The sliding door, instead, has been constructed by using wenge-wood and etimoè-wood, which have been finely hand-worked in order to obtain a mosaic effect, typical of the mosaic decorations of some antique byzantines architectures in Italy.
Laterally, a piece of furniture with shelves made of wenge and with a panel made of etimoè makes this product even more interesting.

Dimensions (cm): 110 x 50 x 90
Dimensions (in): 43,3 x 19,7 x 35,4
Customizable dimensions

Structure made of steel plate. Baked enamel. White or black colour.
Sliding door made of a wooden mosaic (etimoè, wenge), completely hand-worked and assembled by hand.
Lateral container made of wenge-wood. Covering lateral panel made of etimoè-wood. Washbasin made of an unique lava stone block.

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