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Fatimide Tile

Fatimids was an ancient Arab dinasty present in a large territory in the Mediterranean area. They left us important artistic and cultural testaments, today still traceable.
Founders of a school of master craftsmen, they gave an important contribution to the manufacture of arts and architectures in Sicily. A significant example of their presence in this area is the Palatin chapel in Palermo and it’s wooden ceiling. The FATIMIDE tile is developed observing the geometries of this ceiling and it is a homage to these artists.

Dimensions (cm): 19,5 x 16,8 x 1
Dimensions (in): 7,6 x 6,6 x 0,4

Engraved and vitrified hexagonal lava stone tile. Poured ceramic, available in different colourings. The colourings can be applied even on tiles with flat surface.

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