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Composed of a mosaic of different wooden essences, MOSO is a unique table of its kind. This surface, which is supported by steel feet, is inspired by the ancient mosaic decorations that have marked the Arab and Byzantine art and architecture present in many churches and palaces spread throughout Sicily and Italy.
If once the mosaic tiles were expertly assembled to obtain designs and decorations appreciated all over the world, in this table they are remixed, obtaining a truly unique and original optical effect, as if it were an abstract work of art, with tesserae and colours that can be perceived both from above and from the side. An exclusive product, of high manufacture, assembled by hand.

Dimensions (cm): 135 x 90 x 74
Dimensions (in): 53,1 x 35,4 x 29,1
Customizable dimensions

Table-legs made of steel plate. Baked enamel. Black or red colour.
Table-top made of a wooden mosaic (beech, etimoè wenge), completely hand-worked and assembled by hand. Bottom of the surface made of multi-layer wood, coated laterally with wenge-wood or etimoè wood.

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