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PIANA is a steel and epoxy resin chair. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor spaces, as it is weather-resistant. The genesis of this chair derives from the observation of the typical facades of the houses belonging to the popular classes of southern Italy. If the facades of the houses are typically covered in coloured lime, in the case of the chair it has been preferred to use the resin, a cutting-edge and versatile material. The application has been made strictly by expert artisans, obtaining ever identical ribs and effects that make this chair an innovative and quality product. The chair is available in different colours.

Dimensions (cm): 45 x 51 x 86
Dimensions (in): 17,7 x 20,1 x 33,8
Structure made of steel plate. Baked enamel. Black colour.
Seat and chair-back coated with hand-worked epoxy resin.
Customizable colours.

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